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Cueva Ventana: One of the best views in Puerto Rico

Cueva Ventana: One of the best views in Puerto Rico

Cueva Ventana, Arecibo, Puerto Rico an hour and a half from the Puntas Tree House

We love spending time taking our guests and friends on adventures to some of the most beautiful places in Puerto Rico. Cueva Ventana is one of those places. We've seen many changes to Cueva Ventana over the years, from a little known place where locals would go to snap that unmistakeable facebook profile picture to a full blown tourist attraction ranked among the best attractions to visit in Puerto Rico on TripAdvisor.


Cueva Ventana is Spanish for Window Cave, it's pretty easy to see where they came up with the name if you take a look at the breath taking view from inside the cave. 


Cueva Ventana is situated atop a limestone cliff overlooking the Río Grande de Arecibo valley, close to the Arecibo/Utuado border, just off of Route 10 on kilometer 75 next to the Puma Gas station. It is amazingly easy to get to. There are 2 caves here that one can enter — and they are right next to each other.


For this trip to the cave we were joined by our friends Susie and Brittany. Susie is a radio personality on Mix 105.1 in Orlando, FL and Brittany is a Fort Lauderdale, FL based flight attendant and works with me at the same airline. 


Trip Preparation


Before taking the ride up to Cueva Ventana, there's a few things you need to know. Flashlights will be provided by the tour guides that preserve this beautiful cave. In addition the fee for entry includes a guided tour with the history of the cave and information about the flora and fauna in and around the cave as well as history about the Taino Indians that inhabited the caves. The hike to the mouths of the caves is about 10-15 minutes, partly up-hill and partly in full sun — so bottles of water for everyone is a must. The caves are inhabited by bats, so there is a lot of guano droppings inside the cave — so antibacterial wipes are also good to have. Because the caves are in the karst region of the island, the cave floors are wet and slippery from the water leaching through the limestone, so shoes with some good grip are required. Puerto Rico is hot and humid, plan to go early and beat the hotter parts of the day. 


Once we had all our gear, we were ready to go explore the caves.

Cueva Ventana tour. 1 hour from the Puntas Tree House
"To the Caves"

The Adventure


The path leading to the caves is located just next to the Puma gas station. There is a free parking lot just for people visiting the cave.


There is an entrance area, with a desk for you to sign in and start your walk to get to the tour staging area- where you get your guide (or info on where to met your guide), and helmet. Once you've got your helmet and guide, it's off to the cave.


While you make the trek to the cave the tour guide will answer questions and give you the background information on the surrounding area and how the funds from the tour go into preserving the caves unique Taino cave paintings and carvings. 


They also have information signs around about the trees and other things you are seeing.


As we walked the trail, we eventually noticed a large tree on the left whose roots are going down into a cave opening. This is the second cave’s little light source. You will be able to enter this cave at the large main entrance area, just next to the Window Cave entrance. Just keep following the trail. The trail will curve around and it will end up at the openings to two caves. We went into both.

Cueva Ventana, tour.
Roots growing down into the cave opening.

Cueva Ventana is the cave on the left, with the steps going down into it. Your guide will give you a flashlight and walk with you through the cave. All the way, the guide talks about the nature in the cave, how caves are formed, about the bats and all sorts of other cave related info. Also the Taino experience. This cave has a bunch of very pretty formations — stalagmites and stalactites. It has a number of smaller caves, tunnels and hiding spots. It also has bats! But the goal is the window. We kept going through — and then we saw the light at the end. What a great view! We went out as far as we felt comfortable. One must be careful, it is a long way down and there is nothing to stop you from falling (except your own common sense to stay away from the edge). There is such a magnificent view of the green fields and river below. At this point the guide usually breaks off from the group and allows you to explore on your own. 

The cave on the right is smaller and shorter. There is a large cavern inside, the entrance (with some steps) is just by the Ventana cave entrance (you will see a bench). Inside the cave was a bit slippery, but very neat.


Cueva Ventana Bats
Sleeping Bats (Remember, don't point regular flashlights at them. This can stun them and cause them to fall and injure themselves.)

Since both caves are open on both ends, they were the warmest and windiest caves I have ever been in. And they didn’t smell bad either (considering the number of bats living there)! I found this to be an easy place to go and see caves. Since this place is located up in the mountains, unlike the underground Camuy Rio Caves that close if there is rain (since it floods), I bet this place would stay high and dry. One can visit both this cave and Camuy Rio Caves in the same day if they wanted since they are located in the same general area.


What you need to know before you go. 


  • The cave is open from 10am – 6:00pm Mon- Fri, 8:30am – 6:30pm Sat and Sundays and holidays. Last tour at 5pm. Tours are on the hour and as needed.
  • Admission to the cave is $19 ($10 for Puerto Rico residents, with ID) per person plus tax and it includes a guided tour, use of a flashlight and helmet and an informational booklet about the cave/area. Parking for the cave is free (go up the driveway to the left of the registration table). There are clean port-a-potties in the parking lot. Kids under 5 are free, but not recommended for kids under 3.
  • Visit the Cueva Ventana web site or Facebook page for more information.
  • You can call them at 787-322-3554 or contact them via email AventuraCuevaVentana@gmail.com for more information.
  • They now offer NIGHT TOURS at times. Guided walk along trails by torchlight, learning about night creatures inside the cave and out. Then a dinner in the forest. Check out website for more info. Reservations required.
  • Travel time from the Puntas Tree House took about an hour and a half with moderate traffic. 


GPS Coordinates


Cueva Ventana, parking on Route 10: (18.374716, -66.692229)

Cueva Ventana, trailhead: (18.374845, -66.692451)

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About the author:

Don Reno Intreglia is the Digital Marketing and Web Developer for La Vida Hospitality and owner of DRI Media and Puntas Tree House Vacation Rentals. He holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and Engineering. He has developed marketing, social media, and customer retention programs in the hospitality industry for over ten years. In addition, he is the Master Executive Council of Communications for Spirit AFA - CWA, the largest flight attendant union in the world, creating nationwide mobilization campaigns. He splits his time between Rincon, Puerto Rico and Lewes, Delaware. He can be reached at info@drimedia.com.

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The Puntas Tree House: Remodel.

About the Blog

Before I get started on the post and details of our remodel, I want to welcome you to our blog and share some of our plans for it.


In the past we've posted from time to time about things to do around Puerto Rico and Rincón as well as history behind holidays and other happenings in the area.  With the new year we'd like to spend a little more time on these blog posts and share our experiences with our guests. Follow us on Instagram @puntastreehouse and on Facebook.com/rincontreehouse to stay up to date with our blog posts.

The Remodel

For me the Puntas Tree House has always been about sharing a piece of Rincón with the world. It's a special place, it's the place of my birth and the place where I learned about the hospitality industry, but we'll leave that for another blog post. 


At the end of August we decided it was time to upgrade the our little beach house. The house was built over 30 years ago during those last 30 years we'd spent a lot of time on making small upgrades here and there but this time we wanted to make some huge improvements. 


The Outdoor Shower


Before the remodel we had an outdoor shower by our main staircase, the shower was open air and didn't provide any privacy, it was more of a place to wash off sandy feet than an outdoor shower. We decided to put up a standalone private outdoor shower under our palm tree. Now you can step off the sand and into the shower surrounded by banana trees and the natural beauty of Puerto Rico. 

The Deck


The deck for our Second Floor Suite was also completely replaced by a new heavy duty cement balcony. With this new balcony we added some nautical lighting to brighten up the exterior of the house at night and made it a little more spacious than before. 

The Lighting


With our new deck we added some really cool nautical lighting. The house is nice and bright now! 


The Patio


Once we finished the deck we added a nice patio down stairs for the first floor, the patio is covered and offers a nice shaded spot to relax for our guests in the studio. 


The Roof


We also had to make some changes to our roof, which had a few little leaks as the roof was also very old. With the new roof thanks to our friend George Ruggles, owner of Ruggles Construction one of the best contractors around in both Rincón and Delaware, we were ready to work on the interior. 


The Interior


With a new roof and a new deck we shifted our gears and started work on the inside of the house. 

We added a fresh set of paint, new stair case to our top floor and some new furniture.


The Wall


The last step in our remodel was to replace our old chain link fence that surrounded the property with a brand new privacy wall and gate. The wall will help keep the property totally private and will have two gates, one main gate and a side gate. We're not quite finished with the wall yet but we will post updates when it's painted!

Almost done!

We're almost done with the remodel and we couldn't be more excited. Once we finish painting the wall we will post an update. For now take a peak at how some of our other remodels turned out!

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El Verano en Rincón, Puerto Rico - Summertime in Rincón,  Puerto Rico

Ya pronto llega el verano! ¿Qué tal un poco de Turismo Interno?


Los puertorriqueños tenemos la dicha de vivir en uno de los lugares más hermosos del mundo. Millones de viajeros, de distintas naciones, llegan a Puerto Rico para visitar los atractivos únicos, de clase mundial, que tenemos en nuestra propia casa.

Qué mejor alternativa para disfrutar tus vacaciones que descubrir nuevos rincones de nuestra isla o regresar a los lugares que siempre te han cautivado.


Hacer turismo interno es fácil. Puerto Rico tiene ofrecimientos turísticos para todo gusto y presupuesto. Además, es una forma de apoyar y aportar a la economía del país.


Aquí en Rincón cuentas con algunas de las mejores playas de todo Puerto Rico, restaurantes con comida sabrosa y lugares como el faro con las mejores vistas en la isla. Para mas información sobre los restaurantes y las playas en Rincón visiten la sección de "Things to do".

Summer is almost here! How about a little Internal Tourism?


Puerto Ricans are very fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Millions of travelers, from various countries, come to Puerto Rico to visit our unique and world class attractions on this island we call home. What better alternative to enjoy your vacations than enjoying them on our very own island. You can find new corners of Puerto Rico that you haven't explored or revisit the same places that have always captivated you. 


Tourism in Puerto Rico is easy, there's something for everyone to enjoy that fit every budget. Plus for those of us who live here it's a great way to support and stimulate the local economy.


Here in Rincón we have some of the best beaches, restaurants, views and tourist attractions in all of Puerto Rico. If you'd like more information on what to do while visiting click the "Things to do" button on our website. 

Dias feriados y de vacaciones durante el Verano.

Durante el verano se celebran varios fines de semana feriados y de vacaciones ya que tenemos la dicha de poder celebrar nuestros días feriados puertorriqueños y los días feriados estadounidenses. Entre ellos La Víspera de San Juan o Noche De San Juan, La Declaración de La Independencia, Día de la Constitución del Estado Libre Asociado entre muchos mas. Por esto recomendamos hacer sus reservaciones lo antes posible ya que durante el verano tenemos tanto por celebrar y todos queremos pasar estos días entre familia disfrutando de las playas maravillosas de nuestra isla. ¿Qué esperas? ¡Este verano sal a disfrutar tu Puerto Rico!



Segundo domingo de mayo, Día de las Madres (EE.UU.)

Último lunes de mayo, Día de la Recordación (EE.UU.)

Tercer domingo de junio, Día de los Padres (EE.UU.)

24 de Junio Noche De San Juan Bautista

4 de julio, Declaración de la Independencia (EE.UU.)

17 de julio, Natalicio de Luis Muñoz Rivera

25 de julio, Día de la Constitución del Estado Libre Asociado

27 de julio, Natalicio de José Celso Barbosa

Primer lunes de septiembre, Día del Trabajo (EE.UU.)

Summer Holidays.

During the summer we celebrate various holidays and holiday weekends. We have the good fortune of being able to celebrate our own Puerto Rican holidays in addition to the US holidays. Among them we celebrate holidays like Noche de San Juan or St. John's eve, Independence Day, Puerto Rican Constitution Day and many more. Since there's so many days of celebration we highly recommend making your reservations as soon as possible as we tend to book up with so many of us wanting to celebrate and enjoy our beautiful beaches along side our families. What are you waiting for? This summer go out and enjoy Puerto Rico like a local!



Second Sunday in May, Mothers Day (USA)

Las Monday in May, Memorial Day (USA)

Third Sunday in June, Fathers Day (USA)

24 of June, St. John's Eve (PR)

4th of July, Independence Day (USA)

17th of July, Luis Muñoz Rivera's Birthday (PR)

25th of July, Puerto Rican Constitution Day (PR)

27th of July, José Celso Barbosa's Birthday (PR)

First Monday in September, Labor Day (USA)

Puntas Tree House Availability Calendar Link

Winter Storm Jonas: Blizzard Swell 2016

surf from winter storm jonas
One of Rincon's own surf legends, still hitting it hard at 63. Photo Credit: Michael Moul

Epic Surf in Puerto Rico 

This week we had some epic swells roll in. Surfline posted this great shot of wilderness on Instagram, don't forget to give them a follow to subscribe to more epic surf pics. 



Don't forget to check the surf report or the swell cam in Puntas before planning your vacation to Rincon, Puerto Rico. 

Planning Trips to Puerto Rico? Everything you need to know is right here!

Do I need a passport? 

No. When you travel to Puerto Rico, it's like going anywhere within the U.S. All you need is a driver’s license or other valid form of photo ID. In fact, Puerto Rico is one of only two destinations in the Caribbean (the other is the U.S. Virgin Islands) that do not require U.S. citizens to carry a passport.


Will my cell phone work? 

Yes, your cell phone should work in most areas, and most of the cities. Out in the rural areas you might encounter poor reception.


Will I need to convert money? 

No. The dollar is the only currency you’ll need.


Do I need to know Spanish? 

Both Spanish and English are the official languages of Puerto Rico. In the big cities and in the islands of Vieques and Culebra, you can get by without a word of Spanish.

The people who work in the tourist trade—waiters, shopkeepers, guides, etc.—usually speak fluent English. The police are another issue: it’s not easy to find an English speaking cop. The farther away you move into the less urban interior of the island, the more you’ll need to have some command of the language.


How’s the weather? 

Good news! Leave the sweaters in the closet. Puerto Rico’s year-round temperature fluctuates from a balmy 71 degrees to a get-in-the-water 89 degrees. Still, the island does see its share of rain, mostly in the mountainous interior and during hurricane season. The driest months are January to April. (The forecast in mainland Puerto Rico differs from that of Culebra and Vieques; check accordingly if you plan to travel to the islands.)


When is the best time to go? 

This is a matter of some debate. Puerto Rico has two seasons, and these follow the weather. The peak travel period is December to April, when Americans escaping the winter invade the island by boat- and planeloads. In this season, you’ll pay the highest prices for hotels, and you’d be wise to reserve restaurants and activities in advance.

The low season falls between May and November, and this is when travelers can find terrific deals on hotels, airfare, and vacation packages. Of course, June 1 to November 30 is also hurricane season.


Do I need to avoid hurricane season

Hurricanes are no strangers to Puerto Rico, even though the island has not suffered a Category 4 or 5 storm since the 1930s. Hurricane Georges in 1998 did some damage, but it was the only storm that directly hit the island in the past 60 years. Still, a downgraded tropical storm can ruin your vacation just as effectively as a hurricane. If you’re planning a vacation during this season, make sure to check with the following resources for up-to-the-minute forecasts:


The National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center provides online statistics and predictions.


The Weather Channel offers daily, weekly, and monthly data on every city it covers. You can also call 1-800-WEATHER to hear about up-to-date conditions ($0.95 per call).


Should I rent a car

Most major national car rental companies have offices on the island, along with many local agencies. The highways are well paved and generally easy to navigate. But before you book your rental, consider the following:

Cost – In general, you’ll pay a bit more than the average price of a rental in the U.S. (try the local competition for better rates). You may also be required to pay liability insurance: credit cards that offer auto coverage in the continental U.S. don’t always extend that coverage to Puerto Rico, and your insurance company may not cover the island.


  • What do you want to do? – If you plan to explore the island in depth, you’ll definitely need a car. But, if you are sticking around San Juan, forget the rental. Old San Juan is a walking city, and you can easily get around the city in a taxi or a bus. Parking and traffic can be a nightmare in the city, and a rental might be more trouble than it's worth.
  • Numeric Confusion – For reasons best known to themselves, Puerto Ricans use both miles and kilometers: distances are posted in kilometers, while speed limits are shown in miles. Also, gas is sold in liters, not gallons.
  • Traffic – Puerto Rican motorists are in a great, careening hurry to get places, and the orderly laws of road conduct are more loose guidelines than strict rules here. This makes for a sometimes harrowing experience for timid drivers. If aggressive drivers scare you, a rental might not be your thing.

Looking for more information on things to do? The Puntas Tree House? How to fly to Puerto Rico? Click the links below!

Check out this great video of Puerto Rico's West Coast

This great video highlights some of why the west coast of Puerto Rico is such a great place to visit! 

Puerto Rico's western coast: A TripAdvisor traveler review

The Grand Slam of all surfing destinations is closer than you think. Puerto Rico's western region is much more than a home run beach destination, it's a five-star World Class attraction.Experience a 5-star vacation story in Puerto Rico as narrated by MLB star Carlos Correa.

Posted by See Puerto Rico on Friday, October 16, 2015

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15% October promo

Off season in Rincón means great deals! Take advantage of the slow season and get a cool 15% discount on any stay during the month of October! But why wait until October? Lets start it now! Use the promo code OCT when making your reservation online from now until October 29th and get the immediate discount on your stay. 

Se acabo el verano... Y que pasa? No pudiste tomar unas vacaciones cortas en Rincón, pues no sigas esperando! 

Tenemos un descuento automático de 15% en cualquier reserva de ahora hasta el 29 de Octubre! Usa el código OCT y has tu reserva!


A Puerto Rican tradition: La Noche de San JuanLa Noche de San Juan: Una Tradición Puertorriqueña (Luego de la parte en Ingles hay un articulo sobre la historia

noche de san juan puerto rico puntas tree house
Noche De San Juan Celebration

A Puerto Rican tradition: La Noche de San Juan
La Noche de San Juan: Una Tradición Puertorriqueña (Luego de la parte en Ingles hay un articulo sobre la historia y las costumbres)

Every year at the stroke on midnight on June 24, Puerto Ricans across the island take a backwards jump into the ocean.

Why you might ask?

For luck, for a new start, for fun. It’s part of a tradition to honor St. John the Baptist.

St. John’s Eve

June 24th marks the birthday of St. John. When Christopher Columbus arrived to the island of Puerto Rico, he originally called it San Juan Batista (St. John the Baptist). The name that traders gave the island—Puerto Rico, or Rich Port—eventually became the name used more commonly but the island’s main city retained the name San Juan and St. John remained the patron saint of the island.

Festivals in honor of St. John are celebrated across the world on Jun 24, but the tradition of jumping into the ocean backwards is unique to Puerto Rico.

Jumping into the ocean—3, 7 or 12 times as the tradition varies—is meant to bring good luck and wash away the past year. While the tradition of jumping into the ocean on June 24 has religious roots (St. John is a primary figure in Christianity), taking a backwards dip into the ocean has become an event about gathering with family and friends and enjoy a lovely summer evening.

The Puntas Tree House is a great place to celebrate Noche de San Juan due to its close proximity to the beach and live music at Tamboo and Casa Verde, we only ask that our guests and all those who celebrate, please keep our beaches clean! Take garbage with you and please recycle :).

Historia y Costumbres

La festividad de San Juan Bautista es el día 24 de Junio, (muy cercano al solsticio de verano, alrededor del 21 de junio), en España es una festividad de celebración múltiple en muchos pueblos, incluso es sacada su figura en procesión en algunos lugares

Muchos son los rituales propios de la noche de San Juan, la víspera del 24 de Junio, pero todos giran en torno al ensalzamiento del fuego. De hecho, este es el festival del fuego por antonomasia, el rey de los festivales del fuego hasta el extremo de que el culto pagano del fuego y las hogueras, se han conservado más que en otras fiestas, y la costumbre popular ha mantenido su práctica incluso dentro del mismo cristianismo, aunque éste no ha podido dar una explicación religiosa convincente de dicho hábito. El gran protagonista de la Noche de San Juan es el fuego, cuyo fin no sólo es rendir tributo al sol, sino también purificar los pecados del hombre. Antiguamente se realizaban fogatas reducidas en las que se calentaban papas o batatas, que luego eran ofrecidas a los asistentes para así asegurarles alimento suficiente durante todo el año. También se arrojaban a las llamas ropas viejas, papeles, y cualquier objeto que representara un mal recuerdo, y así se exorcizaban los malos sucesos de los doce meses anteriores.

Otra costumbre relacionada con la Noche de San Juan es la caminata sobre el fuego. Los devotos preparan caminos de brasas de dos metros de largo por un metro de ancho y caminan descalzos sobre ellos sin sufrir daños. La celebración es acompañada con bailes, comidas y bebidas.

Realmente la noche del solsticio es la del 21 de Junio aunque la Iglesia la ha adaptado a la festividad de San Juan.

Muchas son las creencias que se relacionan con esta mágica noche, e incontables las tradiciones con las que se la celebra, entre las que podemos destacar las siguientes:

Según se cree, en el exacto momento en que el sol ilumina el amanecer del día 24, las aguas de fuentes y arroyos están dotadas de poderes especiales para curar y brindar protección a la gente.

Quien se baña en el rocío que cae esa noche quedará protegido durante todo el año.
Meterse desnudo y de espaldas al mar, mirando la luna, permitirá a quien lo haga obrar ciertos prodigios. Esta tradicion se celebra unicamente en Puerto Rico en varias maneras distintas, tambien hay creencia que aquel que se baña en el mar tendra buena suerte por el resto del año.

Quien se coloca debajo de una higuera con una guitarra en sus manos puede aprender a tocarla de forma inmediata.

Los solteros y solteras que al comenzar el 24 se asomen por la ventana de su casa verán pasar al amor de su vida.

Si se quema un papel donde se haya escrito aquello que se quiera olvidar, se puede lograr bienestar por todo el año.

Si una mujer se mira desnuda y de espaldas en un espejo, a media noche y con la luz de una vela, verá el momento de su muerte.

Quien madrugue el día 24 no pasará sueño el resto del año.

Puntas Tree House es un lugar perfecto para disfrutar de la Noche de San Juan, estamos en la playa y muy serca de la musica en vivo en Tamboo Bar & Seaside Grill. Le pedimos por favor a todos nuestros huespedes y amigos que mantengan nuestras playas limpias y se lleven todo articulo que quieran deshechar, acuerdense de reciclar! :)


How to get to PR

We've added a new section to our website, now you can view a list of all the airports and airlines you can use to reach Puerto Rico!

We have customers that visit Puerto Rico from all over the world, so we often get asked what the best ways to get there are and what the closest airports to the house are.

Getting here is actually pretty easy and there's plenty of options. Below are some of the airports and airlines you can take to reach Puerto Rico along with the 3 letter airport IATA code in parenthesis. 

Rafael Hernandez Airport, Aguadilla, PR (BQN)

Aguadila is the closest airport to Rincon, and our beautiful beach home located on the north-western part of the island. Roughly 35 minutes away by car, BQN is a small, very easy to navigate airport. 3 major carriers fly into BQN;

Spirit Airlines - Direct non-stop from Fort Lauderdale, Florida (FLL) 3-4 times a week.

Jetblue - Direct non-stop from Orlando, Florida (MCO) and New York's Kennedy Airport (JFK) Daily

United - Direct non-stop from Newark's Liberty Airport, New Jersey (EWR) Daily

A little further away is Mercedita Airport, Ponce, PR (PSE)

Ponce is about an hour and a half away on the southern part of the island pretty much right in the halfway point between coasts almost directly south of Arecibo. There's only one major carrier currently flying to PSE however, Delta and Continental(Now United) both flew there recently, so new services may come soon as they remodel the airport. 

Jetblue - Direct non-stop service from Orlando, Florida (MCO) and New York's Kennedy Airport (JFK)

The furthest airport from us and by far one of the largest airports in the Caribbean is Luis Muñoz Marin International Airport, Carolina, PR (SJU). Roughly between 2 and 3 hours away depending on traffic and which route you take. Over 4 million passengers board a plane at the airport per year. Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport is Puerto Rico's main international gateway and its main connection to the United States. Domestic flights fly between Carolina and other local destinations, including Culebra, Mayagüez and Vieques. The airport is accessed from the San Juan district of Hato Rey, the island's financial district, via the Teodoro Moscoso Bridge. Old San Juan is accessed via the Baldorioty de Castro Expressway (PR-26). Teodoro Moscoso Bridge connecting the city of San Juan to the Luis Munoz Marin International Airport in Carolina.

The airport serves as the Caribbean hub for Cape Air, Air Sunshine, and Seaborne Airlines, as well as a focus city for JetBlue Airways. JetBlue is the largest carrier in San Juan, with 51 daily flights on an average day.

The list of current airlines and destinations is much too long to post in just one post, but we have a section on our website that tells you every airline with service to SJU and what terminal they are located in. Thank you for reading, and as always if theres ever anything we can help you with please let us know! Please view the How to Get to Puerto Rico  tab for more information about SJU.

¿Listo para el verano? Are you ready for summer?

 ¿Hiciste tu reservación para la Noche de San Juan? ¿Cuatro de Julio? ¿Constitución del ELA? ¿O cualquier fin de semana en Junio, Julio y Agosto?

No sigan esperando! Nos quedan pocas fechas disponibles! Pueden ver nuestro calendario de disponibilidad oprimiendo el botón de Booking and Availability y hacer su reservación en cualquier momento.

Tenemos Tarifas empezando en $85.00 la noche con todo incluido para dos personas hasta $250.00 por noche por la casa completa, con espacio para 12 personas. No se requiere deposito y el pago se hace al momento de su llegada, solo se requiere una tarjeta de crédito o debito para reservar su estadia. Si tienen dudas o preguntas pueden llamar al (787) 244-7609

Did you make your reservations for Noche de San Juan? 4th of July? Puerto Rican Constitution? Or any other weekend in June, July or August?

Don't wait! Space is filling up and availability is very limited! You can see our full availability calendar in our Booking and Availability section and make your reservation 24/7. We have rates starting at $85.00 per night for two people with all taxes and fees included and up to $250.00 per night for the whole house which sleeps 12 people! There's no deposit required, and you pay when you check in! All you need is a valid credit or debit card to reserve your taste of paradise. If you need help, have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate and give us a call at (787) 244-7609

A new property!

We are now offering a new property on the other side of Rincon! Please view our Vacation Rentals and Rates tab and scroll to the bottom to see our 2 bedroom 2 bath condo located next to Corcega beach!

Our webmaster.

The Puntas Tree House is also managed by our webmaster, if you'd like more information about building a website or you have a website and you want it redesigned, contact DRI Media.


DRI Media specializes in small business websites and provides SEO, Social Media, Marketing, Photography and Graphic Design among other services. And if you have a rental or an online store, DRI Media can help you with E-commerce solutions too.


Based out of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and Rincon, Puerto Rico, all work can be done remotely, just visit the website www.drimedia.com

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Noche de San Juan in Rincon, Puerto Rico

Tonight we celebrate Noche de San Juan in Puerto Rico. A tradition that takes place

every year at the stroke on midnight on June 24, Puerto Ricans across the island take a backwards jump into the ocean.

Why you might ask?

For luck, for a new start, for fun. It’s part of a tradition to honor St. John the Baptist.


St. John’s Eve

June 24th marks the birthday of St. John. When Christopher Columbus arrived to the island of Puerto Rico, he originally called it San Juan Batista (St. John the Baptist). The name that traders gave the island—Puerto Rico, or Rich Port—eventually became the name used more commonly but the island’s main city retained the name San Juan and St. John remained the patron saint of the island.

Festivals in honor of St. John are celebrated across the world on Jun 24, but the tradition of jumping into the ocean backwards is unique to Puerto Rico.

Jumping into the ocean—3, 7 or 12 times as the tradition varies—is meant to bring good luck and wash away the past year. While the tradition of jumping into the ocean on June 24 has religious roots (St. John is a primary figure in Christianity), taking a backwards dip into the ocean has become an event about gathering with family and friends and enjoy a lovely summer evening.


At the Puntas Tree House we celebrate by walking across the street to the Tamboo Beside the Pointe, visiting Nestor, Danny, Tavo and the rest of our favorite bartenders, having a delicious drink and jumping in at Sandy Beach!


Below we've posted a great video with our friends Jandre Nadal and Isabel Maxwell filmed at the Villa Cofresí Hotel in colaboration with our dear friends at El Coqui of Rincon. Watch the video and see how much fun it is to be a part of our traditions in Puerto Rico!


In Memory of Garette Walker


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Humpback Whales!

Humpback whales have been very active around Sandy Beach, right by the house! Guests have actually spotted them from the balcony and watched them breach and play. If you have any pictures please post them!


Here's some pictures from Photographer Ron Ditmore.


Cold weather up north? Great surf down south!

The weather to start the new year has been a little less than fun in the north. If you're stuck in the "Polar Vortex" it may be time to start considering a vacation to the tropics. The weather in Rincon can be seen on the right side bar. Have a great winter and we'll see you in Puerto Rico! Happy 2014!

The Puntas Tree House online!

The Puntas Tree House has its very own website! Now you can book online right from the website with ease, payments can be made through paypal without creating an account!


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