The Puntas Tree House: Remodel.

About the Blog

Before I get started on the post and details of our remodel, I want to welcome you to our blog and share some of our plans for it.


In the past we've posted from time to time about things to do around Puerto Rico and Rincón as well as history behind holidays and other happenings in the area.  With the new year we'd like to spend a little more time on these blog posts and share our experiences with our guests. Follow us on Instagram @puntastreehouse and on to stay up to date with our blog posts.

The Remodel

For me the Puntas Tree House has always been about sharing a piece of Rincón with the world. It's a special place, it's the place of my birth and the place where I learned about the hospitality industry, but we'll leave that for another blog post. 


At the end of August we decided it was time to upgrade the our little beach house. The house was built over 30 years ago during those last 30 years we'd spent a lot of time on making small upgrades here and there but this time we wanted to make some huge improvements. 


The Outdoor Shower


Before the remodel we had an outdoor shower by our main staircase, the shower was open air and didn't provide any privacy, it was more of a place to wash off sandy feet than an outdoor shower. We decided to put up a standalone private outdoor shower under our palm tree. Now you can step off the sand and into the shower surrounded by banana trees and the natural beauty of Puerto Rico. 

The Deck


The deck for our Second Floor Suite was also completely replaced by a new heavy duty cement balcony. With this new balcony we added some nautical lighting to brighten up the exterior of the house at night and made it a little more spacious than before. 

The Lighting


With our new deck we added some really cool nautical lighting. The house is nice and bright now! 


The Patio


Once we finished the deck we added a nice patio down stairs for the first floor, the patio is covered and offers a nice shaded spot to relax for our guests in the studio. 


The Roof


We also had to make some changes to our roof, which had a few little leaks as the roof was also very old. With the new roof thanks to our friend George Ruggles, owner of Ruggles Construction one of the best contractors around in both Rincón and Delaware, we were ready to work on the interior. 


The Interior


With a new roof and a new deck we shifted our gears and started work on the inside of the house. 

We added a fresh set of paint, new stair case to our top floor and some new furniture.


The Wall


The last step in our remodel was to replace our old chain link fence that surrounded the property with a brand new privacy wall and gate. The wall will help keep the property totally private and will have two gates, one main gate and a side gate. We're not quite finished with the wall yet but we will post updates when it's painted!

Almost done!

We're almost done with the remodel and we couldn't be more excited. Once we finish painting the wall we will post an update. For now take a peak at how some of our other remodels turned out!

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