Noche de San Juan in Rincon, Puerto Rico

Tonight we celebrate Noche de San Juan in Puerto Rico. A tradition that takes place

every year at the stroke on midnight on June 24, Puerto Ricans across the island take a backwards jump into the ocean.

Why you might ask?

For luck, for a new start, for fun. It’s part of a tradition to honor St. John the Baptist.


St. John’s Eve

June 24th marks the birthday of St. John. When Christopher Columbus arrived to the island of Puerto Rico, he originally called it San Juan Batista (St. John the Baptist). The name that traders gave the island—Puerto Rico, or Rich Port—eventually became the name used more commonly but the island’s main city retained the name San Juan and St. John remained the patron saint of the island.

Festivals in honor of St. John are celebrated across the world on Jun 24, but the tradition of jumping into the ocean backwards is unique to Puerto Rico.

Jumping into the ocean—3, 7 or 12 times as the tradition varies—is meant to bring good luck and wash away the past year. While the tradition of jumping into the ocean on June 24 has religious roots (St. John is a primary figure in Christianity), taking a backwards dip into the ocean has become an event about gathering with family and friends and enjoy a lovely summer evening.


At the Puntas Tree House we celebrate by walking across the street to the Tamboo Beside the Pointe, visiting Nestor, Danny, Tavo and the rest of our favorite bartenders, having a delicious drink and jumping in at Sandy Beach!


Below we've posted a great video with our friends Jandre Nadal and Isabel Maxwell filmed at the Villa Cofresí Hotel in colaboration with our dear friends at El Coqui of Rincon. Watch the video and see how much fun it is to be a part of our traditions in Puerto Rico!


In Memory of Garette Walker

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